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Home inspections are an unbiased report that provide valuable information regarding the home's condition, materials, and the integration of its various systems.  A home doesn't "pass" or "fail" an inspection.  Rather, the inspection informs the buyer's decision with valuable data and insight.   

Buyer's Inspection:

Having a home inspection before you list your house allows you to "show your cards" to prospective buyers.  You can disclose the deficiencies (and showcase strengths) to help avoid last-minute negotiations or falling out of escrow.

Seller's Inspection:

11th Month Inspections:

This is a strategic move for new homeowners.  Get an inspection before your home warranty expires after the 12th month to claim any needed repairs. 

We all have our cars serviced and inspected regularly.  It only makes sense that we would do the same with a home.  I provide a report of repair needs and an organized HomeBinder®, with a catalog of maintenance schedules, appliance recalls, issues to monitor, and more. 


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Infrared scans are included at no extra fee with all inspections.  As a Certified Residential Thermographer, I do not merely wave the camera around.  My extensive training on image interpretation allows me to collect data otherwise unknowable to inspectors. 



I use the gold standard of reporting software in the inspections industry.  Reports are both PDF files and interactive digital reports with photos, thermal images and video.



I hold an FAA Part 107 License.  I walk on roofs whenever possible, but it's often unsafe for the roof or the inspector.  This is where drones are truly invaluable tools.  Like Infrared, it's standard with no extra fees.

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Fully Insured

Multiple Certifications

90 Day Warranty

90 Day Follow-up

7 Days/week

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